Campaign Guide

The campaign guide is a book containing numerically ordered entries that you read as you play the game. These contain story text that can be read out to the group, as well as mechanical instructions on how the events change the game.

When a icon appears in card text followed by a number, read the entry matching that number when that text is resolved. Some entries have different variants based on the conditions under which you read them. Go to the entry matching the condition that caused you to read the entry (for example, “Enters Play” for when the path card enters play).

The entry may check to see if different conditions have been met. Read down these “if” statements in order. Follow the instructions of the first one you meet.

Sometimes, a choice will have to be made in an entry. The group should make these choices together, but if there is an impasse, the lead Ranger decides. We recommend making the choice only based on the information listed in each red header, and only reading the consequences after you decide.

The options and their consequences are indented. After resolving your chosen option, make sure to check if the entry instructs you to “ Continue reading” as there might be more.