Campaign Tracker

The last page of the campaign guide is a tracking sheet that can be used to keep track of your campaign progress. You can also find a printable PDF of this sheet at This sheet tracks all the information you need to reference during your campaign:

  • Current Position and Terrain: At the end of each day, record your current location and terrain type here (ideally in pencil so it can be erased). Then when setting up the next day, use this location and terrain type.
  • Day Track: This keeps track of how many days have passed during your campaign. At the end of each day, cross off that day on the day track. Each day has a “recommended weather” card listed underneath it and some have campaign guide entries above them, both of which are used in setup.
  • Missions: When the campaign guide gives you a new mission, write the name of the mission in the “Missions” section, and write the current day in the box to the left. Then place the corresponding mission card in the surroundings. Some missions will track your progress using the boxes to the right of the mission, and when you complete a mission, cross the mission off of your list.
  • Rewards: When the campaign guide rewards you with a new card, write the name of the card in the “Rewards” section. Find all copies of that reward card in your collection and set them aside. These are now available for the group to use for customizing Ranger decks. If you would ever gain the same reward again, ignore that effect.
  • Notable Events: As you make decisions or accomplish story milestones, the campaign guide will instruct you to record the outcomes of notable events to potentially check against later. Simply write the specified phrase in the “Notable Events” section.