Challenge Effects

Challenge effects are rules effects found on cards in play that trigger at specific times during tests. On each challenge card revealed during a test, you’ll find one of three unique challenge icons on a band of color across the bottom: the Crest, the Mountain, or the Sun. These icons match with challenge effects on cards in play.

After you resolve the effects of success or failure, you must resolve the instructions of each challenge effect matching the challenge icon drawn for the test that is shown on an active card. Active cards are any ready cards in the surroundings, along the way, within reach of you, or in your player area. Ignore challenge effects on exhausted cards or within reach of other players. However, if you’re interacting with a card within reach of another Ranger, all cards within reach of that Ranger also count as active for this turn.

Note: Challenge effects on cards that were cleared or exhausted by the results of a test do not trigger, as they are either removed from play or rendered inactive before this step (see clear).

Challenge Effect Order

When resolving challenge effects, resolve cards in the following order. When there are multiple challenge effects in one area, you can choose the order in which you resolve them.

  1. Weather cards
  2. Location card
  3. Mission cards
  4. Cards along the way
  5. Cards within reach
  6. Cards in your player area

Each challenge effect only resolves once per test. If for whatever reason, a card is in a position to resolve its challenge effect a second time during the same test, it does not do so.

Conditional Challenge Effects

Many challenge effects have additional conditions that determine whether or not they trigger. If a challenge effect contains a double-arrow icon () dividing the text, you only resolve the text following that icon if you successfully executed all instructions preceding the icon or if the condition preceding the icon was true.