Creating Ranger Decks

To start a campaign of Earthborne Rangers, you build your own custom Ranger character. You’ll bring all the cards you need together in a way that tells the story of who your Ranger is, how they spent their formative years, and what specialized training they’ve received before they completed the trials, rites, and ceremonies that welcomed them into the service of the Rangers.

If you are starting with the Prologue, you will create a character as part of that process, but if you are jumping right into the game, you can follow these steps to create your Ranger. 

Once you become familiar with the deck customization process, you can build your deck in any order you like, but for your first time, we recommend performing the following steps in order:

Choose Your Aspects

There are a total of twelve different aspect cards to choose from, each of which features a different spread of values across the four aspects, ranging from 3 to 1. On each aspect card, there is a high stat (3), and a low stat (1). Choose one of these cards for your Ranger.

Each Ranger card has an aspect requirement on the left-hand side of the card. If your corresponding aspect is not equal to or higher than that requirement, you cannot include that card in your deck.

Determine Your Personality

Personality cards represent the type of person your Ranger is and how they engage with the world around them. 

Select four unique cards from the personality set: choose one personality card from each of the four different aspects (Awareness, Fitness, Focus, and Spirit), and add two copies of each chosen card to your Ranger deck.

Choose Your Background

Your Ranger’s background represents their experience from early life and young adulthood. It contains the skills and equipment you bring with you into the Rangers. Choose one of the four background sets:

  • Artisan
  • Forager
  • Shepherd
  • Traveler

The background sets contain nine unique cards each. Select five of those cards from your chosen background, and add two copies of each of the selected cards to your Ranger deck.

Choose Your Specialty

Your Ranger’s specialty represents the training and experience of your Ranger’s adulthood and the specialized training they bring to the Rangers. Choose one of the four specialty sets:

  • Artificer
  • Conciliator
  • Explorer
  • Shaper

The specialty sets contain fourteen unique cards each. Select five cards from your chosen specialty, and add two copies of each of the selected cards to your Ranger deck.

Additionally, each specialty includes two role cards. These roles do not go in your deck, but start the game in play and offer you a special, repeatable ability you can use and rely on. Select one of those roles for your Ranger.

Choose Your Outside Interest

The last step to creating your Ranger is to select your outside interest—a card that represents your hobbies and passions outside of your day-to-day life. This is a single card chosen from any specialty or background set. The chosen card cannot be a role or have the expert trait. Add two copies of this card to your Ranger deck.

The first time you create a Ranger, this choice can be a daunting one, as nearly the entire card pool is at your disposal. If you prefer to choose from a shorter, curated list, please see the list of suggestions below:

  • Ferinodex – Artificer Specialty
  • Boundary Sensor – Explorer Specialty
  • Intention Translator – Conciliator Specialty
  • Ironwool Boots – Traveler Background
  • Favorite GearArtisan Background
  • Paratrepsis Whistle – Shepherd Background
  • Familiar Ground – Forager Background
  • Infusion Canteen – Artificer Specialty

Once you’re done with this step, you’ll have a total of thirty cards in your deck (fifteen unique cards, two copies of each), plus your role and aspect card. Your Ranger is now ready to begin their adventure!