End the Day

The day can end in several ways:

  • Choose to Camp: When you successfully travel, the group can decide to camp for the night. 
  • Ranger too Fatigued: If a Ranger needs to draw a card or suffer fatigue but cannot, the day ends immediately.
  • Ranger too Injured: If a Ranger suffers their third injury, the day ends at the end of the current turn. That Ranger must add one “Lingering Injury” card to their deck.
  • Ally in Peril: It is your duty to protect the people of the Valley. For most human beings, if they are ever cleared due to harm, the campaign guide will instruct you to end the day.
  • Mission Complete: Sometimes, when the final stage of a mission is complete, you will reach a stopping point important enough to end the day. The campaign guide will instruct you to do so.

When the day ends, your current play session is over, and one day of campaign time passes. Check off the next day on the campaign tracker. Save your current location by either storing it with your Ranger deck or writing it down on the campaign tracker along with the terrain type you were traveling on. The rest of the game materials can be packed up and returned to their normal storage locations.