Your Ranger can only accomplish so much in one day before they become too tired to go on. Your deck represents your Ranger’s stamina, and if it runs out, you will have to end the day by camping for the night. Navigating the Valley can be taxing, and no matter how in tune a Ranger becomes with nature, there are still challenges that can put strain on them. This is represented by fatigue.

When your Ranger suffers fatigue, remove cards equal to the amount of fatigue suffered from the top of your Ranger deck and—without looking at them—place those cards facedown near your Ranger discard, creating the fatigue stack.

If you are ever instructed to suffer fatigue, but you do not have enough cards remaining in your Ranger deck to suffer that fatigue, you must end the day.

“Fatigues You”

Each card in the path deck has a presence value in the upper right-hand corner. Some game effects will cause cards to fatigue you. When this happens, if the card is ready, you suffer fatigue equal to the presence of that card. If it is exhausted, the card does not fatigue you.

Soothing Fatigue

Some game effects will allow you to soothe fatigue. When this happens, draw that many cards from the top of your fatigue stack and place them in your hand.

Fatigue from Interacting

When you interact with the environment, things between you and the thing with which you’re interacting may cause you to suffer fatigue.