Gear are Ranger cards that have ongoing effects or abilities that you can trigger during your turn (or at other times specified on the card). When they are played, gear cards are equipped by being played into your player area and stay there until you choose to discard them.

  1. Energy Cost: The number of energy tokens that need to be spent to play the card.
  2. Title: The name of the card.
  3. Card Type and Traits: Flavorful attributes that may be referenced by card abilities.
  4. Equip Value: The amount of space the card takes up when equipped. If you have more than five total filled-in equip value boxes in your play area, you must discard gear until you have five or fewer.
  5. Tokens: Shows the name of a special token type used for this card and the number of those tokens placed on it when it comes into play. Use general tokens to track these.
  6. Approach Icons: Icons that can be commuted to tests by discarding the card. The card adds one effort for each approach icon matching the one shown on the test.
  7. Abilities and Tests: The main abilities of that card. This can include tests the Rangers can perform, special rules for the card, or effects that resolve when the card clears.
  8. Aspect Requirement: You must have this value or higher in the shown aspect to include this card in your deck.
  9. Set Information: The name of the card’s set and the card’s number in that set.