Mission cards provide you with objectives you must complete in order to advance the story.

You will gain new missions when instructed by the campaign guide. When this happens, record its name on the campaign tracker and the current day in the box to its left. Then find the corresponding mission card, and put it into play in the surroundings. On the campaign tracker, each line of the mission has three boxes to the right that some missions use to track progress.

During setup, for each mission on your campaign tracker that hasn’t yet been completed, put that mission’s card into play in the mission area of the surroundings.

Missions work much the same way as path cards, except they typically do not have harm or progress thresholds. If a missions card would be cleared or discarded by other game effects, it is instead returned to the surroundings. Missions can only be removed from play by completing them (or other special instructions on the mission itself). When a mission is complete, cross it off on the campaign tracker and return its card to the collection.

Each mission has an objective listed inside a green box. When this condition is met, read the next entry in the mission’s story.

Mission Subjects

Some missions have subjects listed in their name in parenthesis—for example, “Track (Quisi Vos).” These subjects are either a location card or path card, and are used by the mission in some way. When a mission is listed with a subject, find the subject’s card in your collection and attach it facedown to the mission. The mission will provide instructions on how the subject is utilized.