Moment are Ranger cards with a one-time effect. They describe the specific circumstances under which they can be played in their rules text. When you play a moment, resolve all instructions on the card and discard it.

  1. Energy Cost: The number of energy tokens that need to be spent to play the card.
  2. Title: The name of the card.
  3. Card Type and Traits: Flavorful attributes that may be referenced by card abilities.
  4. Approach Icons: Icons that can be commuted to tests by discarding the card. The card adds one effort for each approach icon matching the one shown on the test.
  5. Abilities: The main abilities of that card. These effects resolve when the card is played.
  6. Aspect Requirement: You must have this value or higher in the shown aspect to include this card in your deck.
  7. Set Information: The name of the card’s set and the card’s number in that set.