When you are instructed to “search” for a card, pick up the indicated decks or piles of cards, find every card matching the criteria specified, and choose one of them (for example, “search for a gear card”). If you searched for a path card, put the card into play. If you searched for a Ranger card, place the card into your hand. Then return all unchosen cards to where you got them and shuffle any affected decks.

Some search effects may instruct you to search for the “next” card matching a certain criteria. In those cases, go through the deck card-by-card, starting at the top, and pick the first card that matches the criteria. If, in these cases, it specifies to search two locations (for example “search the path deck and discard”), search the locations in the order they are written. If you fail to find a card in a location, move on to the next.

If instructed to search a set of cards, find that set in the collection, and search it as described above. If the set is currently in use, go through the deck and discard in which it is currently being used.