To set up the game, perform the following steps in order.

If you are starting a brand new campaign, go to Getting Started and choose one of the options listed there.

1. Set up player areas

Read the campaign entry marked on the back of the location card. Then perform all setup instructions on the back of the location card. If the card calls for the “next Ranger” to resolve an effect but each Ranger has already resolved one, that effect is ignored.

Place your aspect card, role card, and common test reference card in your player area. Shuffle your Ranger deck and place it in your player area. Place a number of energy tokens equal to their corresponding aspect values onto your aspect card.

2. Draw starting hand

Draw six cards from your Ranger deck. See mulligan for mulligan rules.

3. Elect the lead Ranger

Together, choose a Ranger to be the lead Ranger. The lead Ranger always draws the first path card at the start of each round and makes decisions for the group if a consensus cannot be reached.

4. Shuffle the challenge deck

Shuffle the challenge deck and place it above the surroundings.

5. Set up the starting location

Place your current location in the surroundings. If continuing a campaign, check the “current location” line of your campaign tracker.

6. Set up the weather card

Find the weather card (or cards) noted below the current day on your campaign tracker, and place it in the surroundings to the left of the location with the side named on the campaign tracker faceup. Read any campaign guide entries listed above the current day.

7. Set up mission cards

Find the corresponding cards for each uncompleted mission on your campaign tracker and place them in the surroundings to the right of the location.

8. Build and shuffle the path Deck

First add all path cards from the set matching the terrain you were traveling on at the end of the previous day as noted on your campaign tracker. Then, if you are at a pivotal location, add all path cards from the set matching that location. If you are not at a pivotal location, instead add three random cards from the Valley set. Finally, add any other cards added by missions in play. Shuffle those cards together and place them above the surroundings.

Note: See Build the Path Deck for a more detailed explanation of these steps.

9. Resolve arrival setup

10. Finishing Touches

Place any tokens as dictated by the cards in play, and resolve any instructions on weather or missions labeled “Start of Day.”