Many card effects resolve at a specific time (for example, “when you perform a test”). Any effects that don’t specify a timing are either ongoing effects that are always in effect, or effects that you can choose to use during any Ranger’s turn.

Effects that specify a timing will do so relative to a step in the rules (or sometimes another game effect) using one of the following words:

Before: The effect resolves immediately before you begin the specified step. 

When: The effect resolves during the specified step. This usually modifies the entire step in some way or triggers at a specific time within the step itself. Read that step’s rules for more clarification.

After: The effect resolves immediately after all effects of the specified step have been resolved.

If multiple effects would resolve during the same timing window, you can choose the order in which they resolve.

Triggered Effect Timing

Effects that can be triggered by you (such as exhaust abilities on your Ranger cards) that do not have a timing specified can only be used at the beginning or end of your or another Ranger’s turn. Thus, they cannot be used while a test is being performed or while another card’s effect is in the process of resolving.