Weather cards represent the weather or other strange atmospheric conditions that may affect you on your travels. Much like mission cards, weather cards are placed in the surroundings and work like path cards, except they typically do not have harm or progress thresholds. If a weather card would be cleared or discarded by other game effects, it is instead returned to the surroundings.

Weather cards are two-sided and often flip to their other side. When they do, they maintain any tokens that were on the card.

Customizing Difficulty with Weather

When you set up a new day, the campaign tracker recommends which weather card to use. However, groups who are looking to adjust the challenge of their game can choose to swap in a different weather card during setup based on the difficulty they prefer:

  • Easy: A Perfect Day
  • Normal: Downpour
  • Hard: Howling Winds
  • Expert: Electric Fog

Note: Electric Fog is not included in the “recommended weather” on the campaign tracker and should only be used by groups looking for an intense challenge.