Expand your

Earthborne Rangers


Currently available through our Gamefound campaign.

Campaign Expansion

Legacy of the Ancestors

Continue your Rangers’ adventures as you journey beneath the surface of the Valley and uncover the secrets of the Ancient Estian Arcology. Delve into the arcology’s subterranean caverns and corridors to explore new locations and path sets. This expansion includes new story missions, side activities, reward cards, a new map, and dedicated campaign guide.


  • New Narrative Campaign: A new campaign guide brimming with descriptive prose; detailing new locations, intriguing characters, story missions, side activities, and reward cards to unlock.
  • New Campaign Map: Explore a sprawling world map, above ground and below, including locations both new and familiar as you work to uncover the secrets of the Estian arcology.
  • 20 New Location Cards: Discover a variety of unique locations beneath the surface of the Valley, including 8 new pivotal locations.
  • 5 New Terrain Sets: Encounter new predators, prey, flora, biomelds, obstacles, and more in the campaign’s subterranean-themed path deck sets. 
  • Underground Set: Like the Valley set in the core game, this set of 12 path cards contains the wandering NPCs, unique features, and other mysteries that you can discover while visiting any of the non-pivotal locations beneath the Valley’s surface.
  • 28 New Reward Cards: A bevy of new Ranger cards to unlock for mid-campaign deck customization. Legacy of the Ancestors comes with 4 copies of each reward card (112 total), so no Ranger at the table need go without.
  • 11 Card Set Dividers.

Ranger Card Expansion

Stewards of the Valley

The Stewards of the Valley adds a new Ranger background set, a new specialty set, and it deepens the card pools of each of the backgrounds and specialties from the Earthborne Rangers core game, giving you even more options for character creation and variability.


  • New Background Set (Talespinner). Talespinners are the Valley’s historians, storytellers, writers, and performers, edifying and entertaining the people wherever they may go. Talespinner cards inspire their fellow Rangers to perform great feats of daring and bravery.
  • New Specialty Set (Spirit Speaker). Spirit Speakers are gifted counsellors and sages, adept at communing with the world of the unseen. Spirit Speaker cards revolve around playing and interacting with spirit beings; calling upon their aid and following their guidance to affect the game state and further the Rangers’ goals.
  • 7 New Roles. Explore more options at character creation with a new role each for the core game specialties plus three Spirit Speaker roles.
  • Background Objectives. Each background set now has a unique objective card that can be included in your deck. These function as personal missions when, once accomplished, unlock background-specific rewards.
  • New cards for the core game backgrounds and specialties. Each set from the core game is expanded by 4 new cards to provide more variety at character creation and more options for mid-campaign deck customization.
  • New Aspect Cards. New Aspect value spreads that allow your Ranger to have a single high-value aspect at the expense well-roundedness.
  • Mini-Ranger Role Cards. A set of all 15 role cards featuring Evan Simonet’s “mini–Ranger” designs instead of the standard artwork.
  • 14 Card Set Dividers.