Earthborne Rangers

Earthborne Rangers is a customizable, cooperative, adventure card game set in the wilderness of the far future for 1 – 4 players. You’ll begin by building a deck that reflects your character’s personal history. Then, as you explore the open world and your story takes shape, you’ll augment your deck with improved equipment, refined skills, and the memories of your journey.

Create Your Unique Ranger

Creating your Ranger is very much like creating a character in a role playing game. You’ll craft your Ranger’s backstory from a variety of options.

You begin by choosing their aspects. These grant you the resources that you’ll use during play. Next, choose your Ranger’s background, their specialization, their personality, and finally, their outside interest. Your choices will give you access to specific card pools from which you’ll be able to choose the cards that best fit your character concept.

Spread of 6 cards used to create a ranger character.

Perform Narrative Actions

Earthborne Rangers is played in rounds, and those rounds are made of turns. On your turn, you will be able to perform one action: either play a card from your hand, or choose an action on the table. The actions on the table allow you to interact thematically and narratively with the world around you.

To perform an action, spend energy from your resource pool and increase your effort by discarding matching icons on cards in your hand.

Two play cards and game tokens with illustrations indicating gameplay functions.

Then, reveal a challenge card to determine success or failure, and carry out the instructions written on the card.

Your actions help shape the course of events, but the Valley has a life of its own. Each time you take an action on the table, the world comes to life around you. Check the challenge card for one of three icons. Then, check the cards in play for the icons that match. Those cards activate. This is the moment when predators stalk their prey, rain pours from the sky, or rocks tumble down the mountain to block your path.

Explore the Open World

When you begin a narrative campaign of Earthborne Rangers, the world is yours to explore. Tread the critical path, or strike off on your own to discover the Valley’s many engaging characters, mysterious ruins, and wildlife both familiar and strange. The story you tell is your own, and no two play-throughs need be the same.