Artificer is one of the available specialty sets for Ranger decks.

Part engineer, part visionary artist, artificers are master craftspeople dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. You are a student of the technology of the past, but you are also an innovator, forging the path with experimental technologies of the current age. Appropriately, artificer cards are primarily gear and attachments, and are typically a cut above those found elsewhere.

Life as an Artificer

The Valley’s artificers are responsible for inventing and crafting new technologies, then making them available to their community. They also work to improve infrastructure like power generators and water systems.

To become an artificer, one must become an apprentice, and the Valley’s greatest artificers have all apprenticed with Elder Mora Orlin of Spire. From her they learn how to operate the Carbon Forge and conjure anything from simple tools to construction materials to complex devices that test the limits of the imagination.

Although artificers spend much of their time in the workshop, they spend an equal amount of time in the wild, testing their creations. The artificer Ben Amon, for example, who designed and constructed the mechanized glider known as the Swift, spends many a day flying the remarkable machine from one side of the Valley to the other. Each flight gives him insight into how he might improve the Swift’s performance and range, and as he’s fond of saying, “it’s a lot of fun.”

Artificers who join the Rangers gain access to the well-equipped workshops of Lone Tree Station. They’re also encouraged more than most to delve into any ruins they discover while on patrol. Hidden within the ruins, it’s not unusual to find ancient pieces of Estian technology, preserved for centuries.