You’ll often be instructed to place two different kinds of tokens on cards: progress () and harm ().

Most cards have thresholds matching one or both of these token types on the upper-right of their text box.

When a card has tokens on it equal to or exceeding the corresponding threshold, it clears. When you clear a card, you perform any instructions in its text labeled with “Clear.” If there is a campaign guide entry noted next to “Clear,” turn to the matching entry in the campaign guide and read it aloud. After resolving the card effects, remove all tokens and place the card in its appropriate discard pile.

When an effect causes a card to gain enough tokens to clear, finish resolving the current rules step, then clear any cards that have reached their thresholds.

For example, if a successful test places progress that clears a card, finish resolving the success effects of the test, then resolve the clear effect. Or, if a challenge effect places harm that clears a card, finish resolving the current challenge effect, then resolve the clear effect.

  • If a card would clear from both token types, you can choose which type to use to clear it.
  • Some path cards don’t have harm or progress thresholds. These cards can still receive those tokens, but they will never clear because of them.

Clearing and Locations

Locations are an exception to the clearing rule. Every location has a progress threshold that represents your group’s progress toward traveling to the next location. If you reach this progress threshold, however, the location does not clear. Instead, when you reach the travel step of a round, if the location has progress equal to or exceeding its threshold, the group can choose to travel.