Conciliator is one of the available specialty sets for Ranger decks.

Even before you joined the Rangers, you were dedicated to helping the communities of the Valley, aiding anyone in need in matters great and small. As a conciliator, you are a natural mediator and protector and share a deep connection with other Valley Dwellers, having spent many years in their company. Conciliator cards specialize in connecting with the villagers, protecting them from predators, and navigating the habited areas of the Valley.

Life as a Conciliator

Sometimes, even in a place as idyllic as the Valley, there are grievances, and sometimes those grievances cannot be solved without the help of an impartial mediator, known as a conciliator. The conciliators of the Valley are responsible for maintaining peace in their communities and facilitating communication between its people.

Conciliators work side-by-side with the Elders, heeding their wisdom and applying it as need arises. Typically, a conciliator will meet with the Elders weekly to discuss any notable events within the community and to strategize on how to improve harmony and assist any villager who might be in distress.

Conciliators also serve as protectors. If a predator is spotted near the village, they will go out to meet it—either to peacefully encourage it to seek new hunting grounds or to give it a solid whack with a thumper. Both methods have proven equally effective.

Conciliators who join the Rangers come well-equipped, as they already have years of experience providing aid to those in need.