Explorer is one of the available specialty sets for Ranger decks.

The people of the Valley are natural explorers, but you have an affinity and aptitude for exploration that has made you an expert of the wilds. The Valley cannot keep secrets from you for long. You’ve spent many years traversing the uncharted wilderness in search of resources both natural and otherwise for the people of the Valley. You are adept at charting new paths and overcoming any obstacle set before you. Explorer cards center around quickly placing progress on features and locations, scouting the path deck, and moving efficiently along the paths of the Valley map.

Life as an explorer

The Valley’s explorers are responsible for taking on any task that requires someone to strike off into the wilderness. Straying too far from the village is not always a safe or advisable course of action for your average Valley Dweller to pursue, but it must be done. The Valley itself would not have been discovered had it not been for an explorer, and it was explorers who drafted the first maps of the Valley, which led to the settling of Branch, White Sky, Meadow, and Tumbledown in the years that followed.

Explorers blazed the most heavily trafficked trails in the Valley, and they’re continually on the lookout for more efficient routes waiting to be discovered.

Explorers who join the Rangers are encouraged to continue to do what they love. The more that the Rangers know of what exists beyond the borders of civilization, the better they can ensure the well-being of those they’ve sworn to protect.