Phase 1: Draw Path Cards

Each round, the Rangers spend more time exploring the area around their current location, discovering new beings and features as they do.

In the first phase of the round, starting with the lead Ranger, draw one path card per Ranger. If the card is marked with a number underneath a book icon to the right of its name, find the corresponding entry in the campaign guide, and read it aloud. Then resolve any effects that resolve when the card “enters play.” Fully resolve the effects of each card before drawing and resolving the next.

  • If you need to draw a path card but the deck is empty, shuffle the path discard to create a new path deck from which to draw.
  • Each path card is marked with an arrow to the left of its name that indicates the area in which it should be placed. A card with an upward-pointing arrow is placed along the way. A card with a downward-pointing arrow is placed within reach of the Ranger who drew it.