Episode 7: No Fear

It’s Episode 7! We’re taking some great listener questions, talkin’ about art, revealing our number 4 most influential games, and bouncing some bouncy balls. Come. Hang out. Disclaimer: Andrew’s audio is a bit …

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Episode 5: Cheese & Crackers

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This week we’re talkin’ cheese and crackers! We’re answering your multi-part questions! We’re gettin’ into the nitty gritty of shrink wrap! It’s a fun one. Join us! Watch on YouTube Listen on Spotify

Episode 4: Ponchopunk

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We’re back with a very special episode! We dive deep into the history of Earthborne’s art, with concept artist Joe Banner. Watch on YouTube Listen on Spotify

Episode 3.5: Hero Guys

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We’ll be back next week with a full episode. In the meantime, enjoy Evan and Anders goofing off and sharing some “art.” Watch on YouTube Listen on Spotify